Welcome to the Classic Bible Archive

The purpose of this website is to encourage and support detailed, serious, in-depth study and understanding of Holy Scripture.

It is not just to promote the sale of my books, from which I don’t even earn enough royalties to fully maintain this website.

First a little about myself and my beliefs.  My name is Clayton Porter.

Whenever anyone purports to explain the Bible, or anything else for that matter, to you, you have every right, and indeed an obligation, to ask who they are and why you should even listen to them.

I was not educated in a religious institution, I was educated in a secular university as an electronics engineer, earned a Master of Science degree in that field, and worked in that profession for over 35 years.  Later in life I realized that not having any formal religious training was a blessing, not a hindrance, because my understanding was not clouded by pre-conceived ideas.

I was called to the Lord late in life and came with a determination to learn exactly what the Bible taught and exactly what it meant, both at the time it was written and today, not just what some religious dogma told me to believe.  This determination makes it difficult for me to find any single denomination with which to affiliate. I accept knowledge and understanding from wherever the Lord leads me, and I trust Him to guide me in separating the good and true from the false.

I have an unshakeable belief and faith in God and believe that one reason why so many people today have difficulty with faith in God is our insistence on portraying God in human form and describing Him in terms of Human characteristics.  The power and majesty of God, who created this entire universe and everything in it out of absolutely nothing, are completely incomprehensible to the human mind.  The ancient Israelites had such reverence for God that they did not even assign a noun name to God for many generations.  Perhaps the best form of address is what some few devoted ministers use today "The Eternal".

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In Classic pre-18th Century Bibles you will find links to both the 1382 Early Wycliffe and the 1395 Later Wycliffe bibles, links to both the 1526 and 1534 Tyndale New Testament, links to both the 1560 and 1599 Geneva Bible, links to both the original 1610 Douay Rheims Bible and the original 1611 King James Version Bible.  You will also find links to English translations of the second century A.D. Aramaic Peshitta and third century B.C. Greek Septuagint Old Testament.  You will also find links to the extremely difficult to find and informative 325 A.D. Ecclesiastical History by Eusebius.  All were prepared by others and are available for download and are accompanied with a brief description of their historical value.

In Comparisons of Classic pre-18th Century Bibles you will find several side-by-side comparisons of all of these difficult to find, almost forgotten, early Bibles that I have compiled showing quite clearly how scripture has evolved and in some cases subtly changed over the centuries.  All are available at a modest price for the Amazon Kindle reader and several are also available in high quality paperback.

In Scholarly Books you will find scholarly analyses of critical biblical subjects such as the teachings of Jesus, the origin of Christmas and Easter, and the shifting of the Sabbath from Saturday to Sunday.  All are available at a modest price for the Amazon Kindle reader and several are also available in high quality paperback.

In Freebies you will find several short treatises on interesting subjects like the chronology of the evolution of the English translations of the Bible, how long was Jesus really in his tomb before being resurrected, and the first Church instruction manual, the first century Didache, all for free download.

In Links to Other Useful Web Sites you will find links to the websites that I have found to be the most useful in my bible study.