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This short 2 page PDF gives the chronology of significant milestones in the evolution of the Bible in the English language.

This short 8 page PDF takes an in-depth, impartial, unbiased look at the chronology surrounding the crucifixion and resurrection of Jesus  as presented to us in scripture and settles the debate over not only how long scripture tells us that Jesus was entombed, but also the day of the week and day of the Hebrew month of both His crucifixion and His resurrection.

This short 8 page PDF is an English translation of one of the few extant Christian writings of the first century other than the  New Testament itself.

The date is somewhat uncertain, but is most probably some time near the close of the first century, as was John's gospel.

This writing was later ranked as second to the Gospels in importance by Eusebius, Bishop of Caesarea around the opening of the fourth century.

This short 5 page PDF is far more than just a planned reading list to power through the Bible in one year.

It is organized thematically, so that you can actually understand and remember what you read.

It has no assigned reading speed; read at your own pace.